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Thứ năm, 29/06/2017

MGM Grand Ho Tram

Ngày đăng: Thứ ba, 31/07/2012
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Cần tuyển: Cocktail Server

Job Description

  • This position provides excellent service to all guests while upholding the standards and image of a luxury brand hotel.
  • All responsibilities are to be performed in accordance with departmental and company policies, practices and procedures, as well as within the framework and intent of the Vision of the MGM property.
  • Greets and welcomes all guests in a pleasant and professional manner.
  • Meets the attendance guidelines of the job and adheres to regulatory, departmental and company policies to include but not limited to health and safety.
  • Processes all cash transactions by accepting money and making necessary change accurately and presents customer with bar receipt.
  • Must be able to stand and walk around for the entire shift.
  • Must have the ability to work fast and multi-task.
  • Must be able to memorize guest orders and then deliver those orders accurately to the right guest.
  • Must be able to communicate effective with guests and fellow employees both verbally and non-verbally. - Initiate conversation with guests about the property, events and promotions.
  • Effective problem solving skills to include the ability to collaborate with others.
  • Becomes familiar with hotel services in order to answer questions and provide guest assistance.
  • Maintain a clear and organized work environment.
  • Perform side work duties as assigned.
  • Must do all assigned side work. - Add – cash handling
  • Must keep work area clean and sanitary.

Job Requirement

Two-year previous customer service experience required.

Must be able to perform basic mathematical computations.

Must be able to pass a math test.

Must be able to initiate and engage in conversation in a professional and friendly manner.

Outgoing and gregarious personality is ideal. - Must be able to work any shift any day.

Must present a well-groomed appearance, full hair and make up for all shifts.

In-depth knowledge of wines, spirits, beers and liquors, preferred.

Ability to communicate fluently in the local language of the workplace both verbally and nonverbally. English is encouraged.

Capacity to foster productive relations with peers and assure teamwork is the prevailing way to do business.

Excellent guest service skills. Ability to respond to handle difficult or stressful situations with tact and diplomacy.

Must pass audition process.

Deadline To Apply 31-Aug-2012 Work Location Ba Ria - Vung Tau Ho Chi Minh

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Người liên hệ: Human Resources Department
Địa chỉ: $Phuoc Thuan, Xuyen Moc, Ba Ria - Vung Tau, Viet Nam
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